Web Hosting on JuliaHub

JuliaHub now provides simple web hosting for dashboard applications.

The goal of this feature is to help your development teams launch simple dashboards starting with frameworks such as Dash and Genie Stipple. In fact, this feature is framework agnostic, should you want to host any HTTP library (like Oxygen.jl) or build a site by hand, this is also supported.

The main capabilities included are:

  • You can spin up a templated dashboard application in minutes
  • We have web hosting for any Julia framework including Genie or Oxygen
  • You can publish this with a JuliaHub URL to share with the world
  • You can also password protect who can access the app at the URL
  • See Dash.jl documentation for more templates and information

This feature will be released on the free / standard version of JuliaHub from day 1 so that anyone can have an app running on our standard infrastructure for 20 hours free per month. Should you want the app up all the time, you can pay the compute cost. In a future release, we will be updating the infrastructure and pricing model for hosting apps so they can scale up and down based on usage from your end-users.

Dashboard Applications

Dash.jl for Julia is a low-code way to take analytical information and data and present it in a web interface. The Dash ecosystem was built from the ground up to help develop analytic web applications in Julia. No JavaScript required and the simple templating engine can spin up an interactive dashboard in a browser in just a few minutes.

Click here to learn how to install

Upcoming Integrations will include Genie Builder

Looking for more Advanced Features? The next phase of development will include Genie and Stipple for advanced web app capabilities.

Genie Builder is a VSCode extension that helps Julia users build dashboards and GUIs in minutes. Just drag & drop UI elements such as text, sliders, data tables, and plots to create data apps without worrying about the front-end code.