An Application is simply a Julia package that includes a scripts acting as an entrypoint when launched. Such applications have a wide range of applications: recurrent analytics workflows, report generation, running a website, an interactive dashboard...

Getting started

Once you have a bin/main.jl script in the repo, you can add it as an Application that's available for you to launch in the cloud on JuliaHub.

To register an application, go to Compute > Applications on JuliaHub and click on the Add an application button to enter the app's URL (for this tutorial:

Adding an application

Once completed, a new app will be added under the My Applications section:


Click on the Launch button to open a menu for configuring the compute resources as well as app specific options.



JuliaHub supports passing parameters to an application through the global ENV dictionary. These parameters are passed as strings; simply parse them as appropriate and use them in your application's bin/main.jl script. A handy idiom is found in tutorial's exemplar main.jl:

n = parse(Int, get(ENV, "n", "1_000_000_000")) # Where 1_000_000_000 is the default value

These parameters may be entered (or not) through the web interface.