Release Notes


  • v6.3.0 adds the capability to build a sysimage to go along with your job run. The sysimage is built before the job starts. After the sysimage build completes the sysimage is mounted to every Julia process the job utilizes (main and workers). JuliaHub users can choose to create a SYSIMG by checking the "Build SYSIMG" checkbox during job submission. More information on "What a SYSIMG is?" can be found in following link:
  • We now have simple caching based on the pre-built SYSIMG's, this feature ensures that additional runs of a job with the same manifest will reuse the already built sysimage.
  • We're excited to introduce a fresh and modern user interface for JuliaHub. This update brings a host of usability improvements and a cleaner design, making user interactions smoother and ensures faster loading. UI improvements includes a major overhaul to Notifications, Registrator and Projects features.
  • We have added a new grouping for shared datasets for easy distinction, using these groupings; end-users can easily distinguish between shared datasets based on who shared them; without going into details.
  • Users can now create folders or directories in File explorer UI, this will help users to organize there files in an efficient way
  • We now have a new search filter for dependencies & dependents in the packages UI, using this feature, end-users can now search for direct and indirect dependencies & dependents for a particular package.
  • You can now remove a project viewer's access by setting the resource's general access level to "No Access"
  • Job time limits can now be made optional by an admin on enterprise installs, if this option is enabled, end-users on the JuliaHub instance can start jobs with no time limits.
  • Julia version has been updated to v1.9.2 in Julia IDE and batch jobs
  • We have added following R packages to WindowsWorkstation app:- ggplot, ggPMX, xpose, xpose4 and vpc
  • End-users can now access JuliaHub Datasets through RStudio app
  • R package "units" is now part of the RStudio app
  • End-Users can now install TinyTex packages in RStudio server and all the newly installed TinyTex packages will automatically go to persistent storage, hence, these packages can be loaded across the sessions without installing them again.


  • JuliaHub users can now extend the job time limit directly from the job details page

  • We now allow elastic distributed workloads on JuliaHub. Users get a choice to opt in for elastic cluster mode via job submission UI, jobs started with elastic cluster mode enabled will benefit from quick start times, resiliency to failures, and ability to dynamically (programmatically) scale jobs up or down.

  • We have redesigned the JuliaHub UI for better accessibility of all the features and resources.

  • ChatGPT integration with JuliaHub:- Users can now ask questions about Julia and Julia packages in a natural language, these questions are answered by ChatGPT, with context provided via existing documentation.

  • Pressing "/" in JuliaHub page; automatically passes control to search functionality, users don't have to manually click on the search box, they can press "/" and start typing the search query.

  • Registrator now supports bulk package registrations. End-user's can register more than one package at a time, this is useful in scenarios where the 2 or more new packages that are about to be registered are interdependent.

  • While creating a Project, end-users now get a choice to select editing "Workflow", as of now, there are 2 modes: "Concurrent editing" and "Exclusive editing". Concurrent editing lets multiple contributors work on a project at the same time, combining their changes when they're ready. In an exclusive editing workflow, the ability to modify files in the project is delegated to one contributor at a time.

  • We now show package synchronization status to non-admin users (Enterprise mode only)

  • We now show registry name (To which the package belongs to) along with package description in JuliaHub docs page, this is helpful to enterprise customers who have multiple registries setup in their JuliaHub instance.

  • We have updated Pluto version to v0.19.26

  • RStudio app now allow users to have custom RStudio configs. (Users can have their own .Renviron and .Rprofile files under a persistent folder)

  • We have removed all restrictions on user defined ENV variables (However, we do warn if your ENV is not POSIX.1 compliant)

  • RStudio app now gives warnings about session expiry

  • Quarto is now available on JuliaHub as a commandline tool (Quarto VS-Code extension is not available at the moment)

  • JuliaHub now uses a dedicated JULIA_HOME for each IDE app

  • Improved interoperability across multiple versions of code-server.

  • GitHub CLI (gh) is now available in RStudio app


  • Event Auditing: You can now view JuliaHub events for auditing purposes. Keep track of all the changes happening within your enterprise account with this new feature.
  • Search Filter: We've added the ability to filter search results by multiple registries, making it easier to find the packages you need.
  • Repository Metadata Display: The metadata for Bitbucket packages is now displayed, making it easier to get the information you need about your repositories.
  • Gitlens Extension: We've added the Gitlens extension to the Julia IDE, enhancing your experience when working with Git repositories.
  • Julia Version Upgrade: We've upgraded the Julia version to 1.8.5, offering improved performance and stability.
  • User environment variables: Applications can load environment variables defined in the user's bashrc file.


  • Provide free access to a 2VCPU, 16GB RAM machine for up to 20 hours per month
  • Bug fixes


  • Bug fixes


  • Users can add/view/edit their files without opening any app
  • New and improved Pluto home page
  • Automatic static export will now be available every time a notebook completes the execution loop
  • Ability to edit or run Pluto HTML notebooks with single click
  • Ability to create notebooks from a Pluto app
  • Ability to view a dataset
  • Ability to upload/download multiple versions of a dataset
  • Ability to manage jobs/apps from the home page
  • Bug fixes
Enterprise Version
  • Ability to re-run jobs (experimental)
  • Download/upload support added for Windows Workstation
  • Allow setting JULIA enviroment variables
  • Upgrade JuliaHub Extension to v0.6.9
  • Upgrade Julia IDE (CodeServer) to 4.8.2
  • Added utility programs like zip, gh


  • Bug fixes


  • Bug fixes


  • Improved landing page
  • Bug fixes


  • Bug fixes


  • Official Julia binaries are now hosted
  • Streamlined application startup experience
  • Users can configure custom domain prefix for apps
  • New Application: Windows Workstation
  • Admins can configure multiple versions for job images
  • Bug fixes


  • Bug fixes


  • Bug fixes


  • Bug fixes


  • CPU and Memory usage of jobs are now available as charts
  • Bug fixes
  • Offline package server
  • New application: Windows Desktop
  • New feature: Projects (Experimental)


  • Bug fixes


  • Added links to PkgEval reports
  • Bug fixes


  • Automatic package registration for Bitbucket server
  • Support for multiple private registries
  • Support for SSH protocol during package registration
  • UI to trigger package documentation generation
  • UI to view synchronization failures with
  • UI to disable package versions in registry
  • Support for SSL Offloading
  • UI to toggle PkgServer authentication
  • K8s based installation/deployment is managed using Replicated


  • Upgrade DocumentationGenerator to v0.4.7
  • Bug fixes


  • AWS Credential configuration is now optional
  • Jobs: Julia version updated to v1.6.5
  • Jobs: Pluto updated to v0.17.7
  • Bug fixes


  • App, job images configurable via UI
  • Ability to configure Job limit per user
  • Configurable session timeout for Application
  • Endpoint to give package server status
  • Sessions are now stored in the server instead of cookies
  • Package Stats for General registry
  • Option to limit container memory usage
  • Captcha added while adding credit cards
  • New User role: customer-admin
  • New dashboard for total monthly payments
  • Ability to view all datasets across all users
  • Bug fixes


  • Support datasets sharing for LDAP users
  • New subdomain for package docs. For eg: instead of
  • JuliaHub tutorials are now hosted at instead of
  • Introducing JuliaSim IDE app
  • Support for SSL Offloading
  • Static CSRF protection for JuliaHub APIs
  • Admin UI to toggle PkgServer authentication
  • Admin UI to configure authorization
  • Cross container requests are now encrypted
  • Session cookies are now compressed and chunked.
  • Support for PNG, JPEG company logos
  • Add support for dataset owners and updates
  • Jobs: Automated ssh-key generation for easier git integration
  • Add tmux to CodeServer
  • Improved Pluto notebooks
  • Jobs: ability to set log levels
  • Integrate freshdesk support widget
  • App domains don't need re-authentication in Enterprise version