Congratulations to the winners of this year's Pluto Competition at JuliaCon2023.

1st Place Notebook Winner:

Renata Castelo Branco

Designing the Lusail Stadium (Qatar)

2nd Place Notebook Winner:

Patrick Altmeyer

Welcome to ConformalPrediction.jl

3rd Place Notebook Winner:

Eric P. Hanson

Comparing an Individual Package to the General Registry


Below was the previous submission page. The cutoff submission time was midnight (GST) on August 1st, 2023.


How it Works

Ever wondered what the Julia community is working on in industry? Us too! This is why we'd like to highlight our friends in industry, in academia, and in the open source community as a whole by throwing a friendly competition to accompany JuliaCon 2023. The goal is for you to upload your best example of using Julia's Pluto Notebook in industry to JuliaHub.

How to Submit

First, you must upload the notebook on; login to and navigate to the Pluto tab:


Once there, look for the "Add" button next to the Default folder if it's public. If the Default folder is not public, please create a new folder that is public so we can view it when we look for the submission. You can name the new folder JuliaCon2023, but the more important part is the next steps.


To be explicit about adding your notebook to the competition, please make sure you upload it and tag it with juliacon2023.


You should see the the tag juliacon2023 next to the uploaded notebook.


***Please make sure you then mark this notebook as public!***

We will include all notebooks submitted with the tag juliacon2023 in the competition. Please double-check that the notebook is tagged this way and part of a public folder. Please submit only 1 notebook per person for this competition.

Judging Criteria:

Your notebook will be judged based on the following 3 categories:

  1. Subject-matter: does it solve an interesting problem?
  2. Presentation: how ineractive is it and what kind of output visualization does it include?
  3. Package usage: how well does it use Julia Package(s) / JuliaHub ?

Submission Criteria

Generally, we know that there are two kinds of notebooks:

  • Purely instructional notebooks (how to do something in code) - not preferred

  • Interesting problems (discuss a problem and how it was solved rather than a purely instructional notebook) - preferred

We want a project that highlights a problem that was solved

Your notebook can have an instructional element, but we care more about the results and how you present them (the notebook should be geared towards solving problems in a specific domain).

An example of a notebook that discusses a problem and provides good visualization with interactive output is:

Selection Process

Our selection committee will review each submitted notebook in the month of August and announce and contact winners by the end of the month of August.

The Prizes

  • 1st Prize winner gets: $500 Cash + $500 worth of free compute on JuliaHub
  • 2nd Prize winner gets: $300 Cash + $300 worth of free compute on JuliaHub
  • 3rd Prize winner gets: $150 Cash + $150 worth of free compute on JuliaHub


If you have issues with the submission or have feedback, please use the form:

Issues Form

Want to learn more about Pluto?

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