Time Capsule

For batch job reproducibility


The Time Capsule Feature is all about reproducibility of batch jobs on JuliaHub. Primarily, when a user runs a batch job, the time capsule capabilities allow you to “go back in time” and re-run that job with all the same inputs, environment variables, outputs, and more. A key thing for Time Capsule is the ability to select the versions to reproduce.

The JuliaHub Time Capsule features primarily serves two purposes:

  • Batch Job Reproducibility (doesn’t include live app sessions): A way to re-run old jobs with the same environment / settings / data. This can help in a number of domains, but one example is in making scientific experiments reproducible.
  • As an Archive: An archiving solution which enables you to archive past jobs for (time based on what the enterprise has purchased). For example, if a compliance need arises, compliance teams can go back an check / re-run an old experiment to verify reproducibility.

Also, because Time Capsules capture all the materials associated with the batch jobs, they can be used to build a Software Bill of Materials.

As such, Time Capsule provide paid customers the ability to retain job information that may not be in current use, but is saved from deletion for several years due to regulatory obligations.