Web Hosting on JuliaHub

JuliaHub now provides the ability to host web applications and data-centric dashboards.

The main capabilities of hosting on JuliaHub include:

  • Spin up a templated dashboard application in minutes (Genie or Dash)
  • Deploy a single or multiple applications depending on machine size
  • Use the JuliaHub URL to share your app with the world
  • Password protect who can access the app at the URL or make it totally public for all

This feature is included in all subscriptions of JuliaHub including the standard version so that anyone can have an app running on our infrastructure.

Hosting Plans

Deploying a web application on JuliaHub is easy. Once you create a Project (Genie or Dash), a "Deploy" button shows up in the projects UI to allow you to deploy. The pricing for the deployed app (hosting costs) then turns to the following:


For individual use - the smallest machine is selected by default when deploying an application on JuliaHub. The cost is $0.0627 per hour. This means, that if your application is up for 24 hours, the daily cost to you is: $1.50. Our hosting features include the ability for the application to "scale to zero". This means that when your application has 0 viewers or usage, we spin it down - reducing the cost to you. If a new user views the application, it starts back up again.

To get started on building and deploying your first application, just login to JuliaHub and following these directions.


Built for teams who need to host multiple applications, the next leg up on the starter plan is to choose the big machine in the hosting options. The big machine costs $0.0945 per hour or $2.27 per day. This machine can host a multiple small applications or 1 robust one. Should you need a custom solution - Contact sales today.


Our Enterprise offering is a completely custom solution for organizations that want total flexibility to the machines that host their applications and the memory and data needed for those apps. Basic hosting capabilities are automatically included with the Enterprise subscription to JuliaHub. Contact sales to learn more.

Dash Applications

Dash.jl for Julia is a low-code way to take analytical information and data and present it in a web interface. The Dash ecosystem was built from the ground up to help develop analytic web applications in Julia. No JavaScript required and the simple templating engine can spin up an interactive dashboard in a browser in just a few minutes.

Click here to learn how to install

Genie Applications

Looking for more Advanced Features? Genie + Genie-Builder and Stipple help with advanced web app capabilities.

Genie Builder is a VSCode extension that helps Julia users build dashboards and GUIs in minutes. Just drag & drop UI elements such as text, sliders, data tables, and plots to create data apps without worrying about the front-end code. Using Genie Builder out-of-the-box is coming April 1st, 2024. Until then, join the beta program for early access:

Join the Genie Builder 1.0 Beta