impedance matcher spice netlist

Below shows the contents of: impedance_matcher.spice

* Impedance matcher hooked up to transmission line

* Test using a sinusoidal excitation at 100MHz
V1 vsin 0 SIN(0, 1, 100Meg)

Rsrc vsin vsrc 250

* Create a small impedance matching network
* With a source impedance of 250Ω, and a load impedance of 50Ω,
* the ideal parameters are `l_match = 159.2nH`, `c_match = 12.73pF`.
.param l_match=0.0
.param c_match=0.0
Lmatch vsrc vin 'L_match'
Cmatch vsrc 0 'C_match'

* Include our transmission line helpers
.INCLUDE "./transmission_line.spice"

* Create our 10-element transmission line, hook it up
* to our dummy load of a 50 Ohm resistor
Xtl vin vout 0 TenElementTransmissionLine

Rload vout 0 50