Importing Schmatics designed using KiCAD into CedarEDA

1. Open KiCaD Schematic Editor and create or load your circuit schematic.

Screenshot of schematic for a voltage divider displayed in the KiCAD editor

2. Go to: FileExportNetlist…, and select the Spice tab.

Screenshot KiCAD export window

3. Click Export Netlist and save the file your preferred location.

You will now have a .cir file you can open in a text editor. Screenshot of a Spice netlist file open in a text editor

4. Open the CedarEDA app on JuliaHub. Drag and drop the .cir file into the folder of your choice in the Explore pane of VS-Code

Screenshot of a file being dragged and droped into JuliaHub

5. You can now interact with that circuit definition and run simulations upon it using a SimManager. E.g. sm = SimManager(joinpath(@__DIR__, "voltage_divider.cir")).