Launching CedarEDA on JuliaHub

The following documentation describes how to log into JuliaHub for the first time and launch CedarEDA. The CedarEDA app is launched in the cloud running on a dedicated computer so there are a few extra steps to knowing how to manage the app.

Login into JuliaHub

To launch CedarEDA first go to and click on the profile icon in the top-right corner to sign into your account.

Launching the CedarEDA App

Once logged in you will see the CedarEDA app on the Home screen. To start a CedarEDA job click the Launch button in the tile for CedarEDA. This job will start booting up a new computer with CedarEDA ready to run.

Note you can see your currently running jobs on the left side of the window under "Your Jobs".

Connecting to CedarEDA

The first time CedarEDA is launched it will take about 7 minutes to start and successive launches will take about 1 minute. Therefore there is a delay from launching CedarEDA to when it is ready to use. Press the Connect button and a new browser tab will open and it will say "Connecting" until the CedarEDA app has finished loading.

After connecting to CedarEDA there is a welcome screen to configure your environment. There is also a "Welcome" tab with information with CedarEDA release notes.

Running an Example Script

There are examples that can be run in the examples (read-only) folder. It is recommended to start with the example in examples (read-only)/Filters/Butterworth/butterworth_transient.jl. To navigate to it click on the examples (read-only) folder in the Explorer pane on the left and then run the example by pressing Shift-Enter on each line to execute the line in the REPL at the bottom with the julia> prompt.

The lines with the explore() function will bring up a plot with interactive sliders to navigate the parametric sweep of values. This interactive plot is demonstrated for transient and AC analysis, for more in-depth explanations see Running Transient Analysis and Running DC Analysis.

Managing CedarEDA Jobs

The CedarEDA job will automatically timeout after a few hours, however the duration can be extended at any time and new jobs can have a longer time limit. If you are within 30 minutes of the job stopping a notification will show giving the user the option to extend the time limit. To extend the limit press the time remaining in the bottom statusbar:

To change the default for a newly launched job go to your profile and change the default timeout on the Preferences page:

If the job timeout occurs the machine will be stopped but all files will kept for the next time a CedarEDA job is started.

To stop a job before the timeout occurs navigate to the JuliaHub Home page and press the stop link next to the job:

The state of the files will kept for next time a CedarEDA job is started.