variable period spice netlist

Below shows the contents of: variable_period.spice

* AM period MOSFET test

* Include the GF180MDU PDK, which is registered as a Julia package.
.LIB "jlpkg://GF180MCUPDK/sm141064.ngspice" typical

* Create a pulse source and a SIN noise source at a prime frequency
V1   fast_osc        0 PULSE(0 5 0 5u 5u 490u 1000u)
V2   comb_osc fast_osc SIN(0 0.1 10.141592653589793)
R1 comb_osc vin 100

VVDD vdd 0 5.0
VVSS vss 0 0.0

* Feed the oscillators into a CMOS inverter
Xpos vdd vin vout vdd pfet_06v0 W=4.95e-07 L=5e-07
Xneg vss vin vout vss nfet_06v0 W=3.6e-07 L=6e-07
R2 vout 0 1000000

.tran 10u 1000m