JuliaHub for Batch Jobs

JuliaHubJob(; node_specs, auth, batch_image, dataset_name, alg)

This is the container for storing various pieces required for submitting batch jobs on JuliaHub using JuliaHub.jl.

Keyword Arguments

  • node_specs: Specifications of the required compute in JuliaHub as a NamedTuple like ncpu, memory etc. Look at https://help.juliahub.com/julia-api/stable/reference/job-submission/#Compute-configuration for different configurations available.
  • auth: Authentication object of type JuliaHub.Authentication for verification while performing various operations on Juliahub.
  • batch_image: Job image to be used for the batch job. This is of type JuliaHub.BatchImage.
  • dataset_name: Name of the dataset in which the result of the computation is serialised and uploaded.
  • alg: Algorithm object used in either calibrate or parametric_uq.