JuliaSimCompiler is a fast and scalable backend of ModelingToolkit.jl (MTK). It uses the SSA form to represent symbolic expressions in order to keep structure and allow for large-scale systems to generate concise and quicker to compile code. By doing so, JuliaSimCompiler extends the capability of MTK to handle constructs like for loops, partial differential equation semi-discretizations, and more in a way that is scalable to realistic physics.

Installing and Using JuliaSimCompiler

To use JuliaSimCompiler, one must have access to JuliaSim. If you're using the JuliaSim cloud application GUI, congratualations you're already using the JuliaSimCompiler behind the scenes! Otherwise if you wish to use this functionality by code, you either need to access JuliaSim through the JuliaSim IDE or via the JuliaHub registry. See the respective links for getting started with installing and using JuliaSim packages through those avenues.


JuliaSimCompiler is part of JuliaSim and thus requires a valid JuliaSim license to use. JuliaSim is a proprietary software developed by JuliaHub Inc. Using the packages through the registry requires a valid JuliaSim license. It is free to use for non-commercial academic teaching and research purposes. For commercial users, license fees apply. Please refer to the End User License Agreement for details. Please contact sales@juliahub.com for purchasing information.