Release Notes


  • CPU and Memory usage of jobs are now available as charts

  • Bug fixes

  • Offline package server

  • New application: Windows Desktop

  • New feature: Project (Experimental)


  • Bug fixes


  • Bug fixes


  • Added links to PkgEval reports

  • Bug fixes


  • Automatic package registration for Bitbucket server

  • Support for multiple private registries

  • Support for SSH protocol during package registration

  • UI to trigger package documentation generation

  • UI to view synchronization failures with

  • UI to disable package versions in registry

  • Support for SSL Offloading

  • UI to toggle PkgServer authentication

  • K8s based installation/deployment is managed using Replicated


  • Upgrade DocumentationGenerator to v0.4.7

  • Bug fixes


  • AWS Credential configuration is now optional

  • Jobs: Julia version updated to v1.6.5

  • Jobs: Pluto updated to v0.17.7

  • Bug fixes


  • App, job images configurable via UI

  • Ability to configure Job limit per user

  • Configurable session timeout for Application

  • Endpoint to give package server status

  • Sessions are now stored in the server instead of cookies

  • Package Stats for General registry

  • Option to limit container memory usage

  • Captcha added while adding credit cards

  • New User role: customer-admin

  • New dashboard for total monthly payments

  • Ability to view all datasets across all users

  • Bug fixes


  • Support datasets sharing for LDAP users

  • New subdomain for package docs. For eg: instead of

  • JuliaHub tutorials are now hosted at instead of

  • Introducing JuliaSim IDE app

  • Support for SSL Offloading

  • Static CSRF protection for JuliaHub APIs

  • Admin UI to toggle PkgServer authentication

  • Admin UI to configure authorization

  • Cross container requests are now encrypted

  • Session cookies are now compressed and chunked.

  • Support for PNG, JPEG company logos

  • Add support for dataset owners and updates

  • Jobs: Automated ssh-key generation for easier git integration

  • Add tmux to CodeServer

  • Improved Pluto notebooks

  • Jobs: ability to set log levels

  • Integrate freshdesk support widget

  • App domains don't need re-authentication in Enterprise version