Using The JuliaSim Cloud Application

Not generally available

The JuliaSim Cloud Application is not (yet) generally available. If you are interested in previewing the application, please fill out this form for more information about the JuliaSim Preview program.

Alternatively, JuliaSim modules, such as JuliaSimCompiler, JuliaSimControl and JuliaSimModelOptimizer, are readily available through the JuliaSim IDE.

What is the JuliaSim Application?

The JuliaSim Application provides a graphical interface to ModelingToolkit.jl as well as other JuliaSim packages which provide advanced simulation methods. This graphical interface lowers the barrier of entry to help users more quickly build their models and leverage offerings from JuliaSimCompiler, JuliaSimModelOptimizer, JuliaSimSurrogates, JuliaSimControl, and more.

How to Access the JuliaSim Application

To access JuliaSim, first go to On the main page, click on "start for free".

Get started for free on JuliaHub

This will send you to a page that describes the JuliaHub free tier. The JuliaHub free tier has usage limitations on the size and types of compute nodes allowed. To lift these limitations, contact However, if you don't have access, click "Get Free Access Now" to get started:

The JuliaHub free tier explained

This will bring you to a log-in screen and after logging in, you will be presented with a view of the JuliaHub cloud. Click on "more" in the applications tab to see all of the applications you have access to:

The logged in JuliaHub landing page

The JuliaSim Application is accessed through the "JuliaSim" application. Click the "launch" button on this card.

The JuliaSim Application card

Once launched and the instance is spun up, the JuliaSim Application card will display a green "connect" button. You may connect to the application by clicking the "connect" button.

The JuliaSim Application connect

The JuliaSim application will greet you with a blank canvas. You are now ready to build a model and start using the other JuliaSim package features!

The JuliaSim Application canvas