Intoduction to Cedar Waves

This package is a high performance tool for post-processing continuous time data like from analog circuit simulators. The simulation data is usually piece-wise-linear from a simulation with non-uniform sampling.

High Level Features

  • Easy to use
  • High performance: process Gigabytes of data in milliseconds.
  • High capacity: algorithms are very memory efficient allowing users to process very large wavefiles.
  • Supports various signal types:
    • Continuous signals:
      • Various interpolation methods between samples: constant, piecewise-linear, quadratic splines, or qubic splines.
      • Continuous functions like sin
    • Discrete signals: no interpolation between data points.
    • Uniform and non-uniform sampled signals
    • Finite and infinite domains
  • Fast and flexible clipping of the signal's domain to zoom-in and zoom-out along x-axis.
  • Accurate: math performed on continuous signals is also performed between sample points (not just at the data points)
  • Easy to extend: add custom functions that run at full speed to build automated flows/measurements.